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Stories and Ramblings

24 November
External Services:
If you need to email me, you can reach me at lee.scribbles AT gmail.com. I'm almost never on ICQ, so if you want to chat, send me an e-mail first.

This is a journal for small stories that I write, mainly so I can get feedback on them. I'd prefer to keep this separate from my main journal. Some of my entries may be kept friends locked, but that will likely only be for severe WIP. Just as a heads up, I'm not a very good writer yet, but that's why I'm posting - I want to get better.

I'm a co-mod at the wonderful community writer_girls. This is a community primarily for original fiction. Post and get a critique of your work, post critiques of others' work, or just talk out a problem. It's a great place, and I love it dearly, even though I don't post often enough right now.

Just as a small update - I'm currently overwhelmed with classes, and I have not had time to critique or write much at all. This should be fixed in Janurary, and you can expect me to both critique and post new work then. Apologies for the delay, especially if I specifically promised to critique your work.