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Well, I know I haven't posted in forever, and I apologize. But I just finished my last final today - I am now officially done with school. :) I will be posting a lot of stuff in January, now that I have time again, and I'll be getting back into critiquing. If I owe you a critique and you still want it, please post a comment? I'm afraid I've lost all my bookmarks - my computer went down for a little while, and I lost a lot of stuff, including a chunk of Hidden. I usually back up my work obsessively, but I let it slide while I was busy - I lost a chapter and a half. And considering how slowly I write, that's saying something. My own stupid fault, though.

Also, I've gotten a new e-mail address - lee.scribbles AT Go ahead and e-mail me there if you need anything.

Because I likely won't post again until January, I hope you have a happy December and enjoy whatever holidays you hold dear. :)
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Hidden ficlet/exercise

Well, I've been pretty dead with my writing recently - frankly, I haven't had time.  I've been really busy with my class and my work.  I've done some small exercises, but nothing I can post.  So tonight I was tired and cranky and I realized I hadn't written anything for myself in over a week and a half, so I went to 15minuteficlets and I picked up the word of the week and I spent 15 minutes writing.  It was a good exercise, though it's not really something I'm proud of.  I normally wouldn't even bother posting it here, but I felt like letting people know I wasn't dead.  :-P  Additionally, since my computer's down, it was either post it online or not save it at all.  And I could have done a private view, but what's the fun in that?  That being said, I'm not looking for a lot of feedback on this particular piece - it's simply a look into the "villain's" head for the Hidden series, and it won't be a part of what I eventually 'publish' for Hidden.  (By publish, I mean put up on a website, in order, the chapters).  Frankly, I think it's bad, but I finished in exactly 15 minutes, though I added the definition at the top after I was done.  I also spellchecked after my time was up, but I figured that didn't matter so much.  :-P  Anyway, here it is.  Feel free to comment, but I probably won't change anything, since it's not important, but feedback makes me a better author.  (Though I do know it needs more description - next time I write a 15minfic, I'll be more careful.  Being rushed was kinda fun, though).

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By the Numbers

So, after everything, I don't even have a new story in the Hidden universe. :) I'm working on a few chapters for that series, but having a hard time - everyone's dialogue comes off as rather stilted, and it's giving me writer's block. So to combat that, a friend of mine challenged me to write something surreal. She figured surreal is an easy thing to do, since it doesn't have to make sense. ^_^ So this is it - and I'm actually rather fond of it, all things considered. It got me writing instead of just editing the same stuff again and again, and I find myself strangely liking the characters. Eh. My mental image of my 'muse' (see icon) didn't like it, but I ignore her at all possible opportunities. :-P

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Things I didn't like: The opening, mainly. Also, the lack of description of where, exactly, they are. I mean, there's not much to describe - they're supposed to be in an almost entirely empty room - but I wish I had managed to work that in there. Ah, well. Maybe on the next revision. Story is cross-posted to writer_girls. And don't expect another post for a while, sadly - my computer is giving me troubles, and that makes it very difficult to write. :(
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[Hidden 01] Rain (Arie)

Well, this is my first piece. It's part of my 'Hidden' series (I think it needs a better name, but I needed *something* to call it...). The Hidden series is a bunch of really short fics (Under 500 words, preferably, under 1000, definitely) about various supernaturals hiding in the modern world. It's always been an idea that's fascinated me (and sparks my love of the World of Darkness roleplaying games by White Wolf), and it's one that lends itself easily to short fics.

These stories are also being used as exercises. This one, for instance, was supposed to mention all five senses, and is based off of a picture I saw, of a bright red jacket lying on top of a bunch of dark garbage.

With no further ado, here's the fic.
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A little intro...

I'm a college student, and while I've been writing for pretty much my whole life, I've never really gotten any good feedback on it. I eventually stopped showing my scribbles to others and kept it all sitting around on my computer and in notebooks. I read tons more than I write, of course - I'm a big fan of fanfiction and original fiction on the web, as well as a good number of fantasy authors. I don't consider myself a good writer, though I do have a better grasp on grammer and a better spell checker than a lot of people out there. :)

I write almost entirely original fics, so you won't see a lot of fanfics on here. I don't post a lot of stuff until it's been edited by me quite a bit, so you won't see a lot of posts. I'm mainly going to use this journal to post in communities where I can get help with my writing, and finally get some of that feedback I so badly need - I currently have no clue how much my fics suck, or how to make them better. :) I will also be posting a lot of writing exercises I plan to be doing, but those posts will likely be friends locked or private.

So, right, I think that's all you really need to know about me. How 'bout you? :)
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